Just Shorn New Zealand Wool Carpet

biviano-carpet-one-floor-home-girard-oh-just-shorn-wool-carpet Biviano Carpet One is proud and excited to introduce Just Shorn, our new wool carpet program from New Zealand!

Just Shorn is the finest wool in the world: hand-selected, natural, durably strong, flame retardant, hypoallergenic, water-repellent. It is also the whitest and purest, which means it has excellent dyeing characteristics.

Just Shorn is about nature and the environment, sustainability, honesty, and transparent truths.

All Just Shorn styles feature enhanced warranties above other wools in the marketplace and are built to last and reward the most discerning customers with a wide range of styles at vigilant pricing. No one in the industry has ever pulled together such a comprehensive private program of styles made from New Zealand sourced wool.

This is a brand built to win on all levels: with consumers who are design-conscious, quality focused and worldly-wise, through every touch point in the supply chain - directly back to the farmers and the farm.

Stop by our showroom to shop our Just Shorn wool carpet selection today!