Does the thought of selecting carpet scare you for fear of damage from spills or accidents? You don't have to be scared because as part of our Tigressà carpet selection, we offerbeautiful and luxuriously soft styles that are also extremely durable and resistant to wear, stains, and color fading! At Biviano Carpet One Floor & Home, we offers flooring options that are durable and affordable, specifically designed to hold up in active households with children and pets.

The truth of how Tigressà is really so durable yet soft is in the Science of Soft Carpet. Thanks to years of innovation and our knowledge in the industry, you can get carpet that is both strong and soft! It's all about choosing quality flooring, no matter what category of flooring it is.

Tigressà Selection

Tigressà SoftStyle

Much more soft in nature than other traditional carpet options, Tigressà SoftStyle provides the performance, luxury style, and comfort you seek for your household and family. This line of carpet is a great mid-range option yet is considerably stronger with an added wear resistance, an ultra-soft feel, and made of recyclable material.

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Tigressa Cherish Carpet

Tigressà Cherish

Tigressà Cherish, an extension off the SoftStyle, elaborates on not just strength, but premier softness. Engineered with precision, Tigressà Cherish emulates softness and strength through a unique technology in which high tensile filaments are much closer as well as super fine. This advances durability and softness together while still remaining 100% recyclable.

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Tigressà H20

As the waterproof extension, Tigressà H20 is entirely kid proof and pet proof! With its thermoplastic carpet backing and fibers that are twisted densely for the ultimate durability and protection against liquids, stains, and pet accidents.

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