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Carpet in Girard, Ohio

Snug, welcoming, and cozy, carpet is a flooring favorite for billions of households around the world. Carpeting is all about comfort and possibility. It offers up an endless array of colors, patterns, materials, and textures. With carpet, it’s very easy to truly distinguish our favorite spaces, and there are certainly options for all budgets and styles.


At Biviano Carpet One Floor & Home in Girard, Ohio, you can expect to find one of the region’s most impressive collections of all the latest carpeting products. We carry premium brands like BigelowResistaLeesTigressáInnovia, and many more. Our onsite carpet experts can help you meet your perfect match.


Types of Carpet


There are carpet options that can truly fit any space or situation you might imagine. However, you really need to know exactly what you’re looking for before undertaking the shopping process. Being familiar with common carpeting “lingo” will help you in determining your carpet’s durability, its ability to keep stains and water out, and its care requirements.


Carpet fibers will determine strength, softness, and can indicate potential future performance. Each type of fiber has a distinct look and feel. Synthetic fibers, for instance, are more durable, so you might opt for nylon or polyester if your household is a hectic one. For carpeting that’s resistant to mold and mildew, a perfect option for allergy sufferers, choose a natural fiber such as wool. Wool also works great in humid settings.


Here are the basics on the different fiber types:


  • Nylon fibers are synthetic and considered the most durable on the market. Nylon isn’t inherently stain-resistant, so a treatment may be added in some cases.


  • Polyester is frequently thought of as a budget-friendly alternative to nylon that’s more stain-resistant but less tough. However, this depends on the quality of the polyester, and some premium options are just as durable as many nylon carpets.


  • Triexta is a newer synthetic fiber that’s technically a cousin to polyester but performs with the durability of nylon. It also has the same stain-resistant qualities as polyester.


  • Olefin is a highly fade-resistant carpet fiber that’s ideal for low-traffic areas. It can be more susceptible to wear than other choices, making it a great luxury carpet for master bedrooms and dining rooms.


  • Wool carpets are one of the most popular natural fibers available. Wool is considered eco-friendly because it comes from a sustainable source, and it’s inherently anti-microbial and flame-resistant.

Pile Types


You can choose high, low, and medium piles and several different carpet constructions, including cut pile, loop pile, and cut-loop. Low piles are often used for high-traffic, industrial carpets in commercial spaces because they’re tear and crush-resistant. It can also be easier to clean dust and debris from shorter pile carpets, making them more allergy-friendly. Cut piles are sheared at the top, while loop piles are rethreaded into the backing of the carpet. Cut-loop carpets feature a mixture of both. This creates dynamic patterns and can help disguise snags and vacuum tracks.


Stain-Resistant Carpet Options


While no carpet is completely stain proof, today’s stain treatments are more effective than ever. Some carpet fibers also have inherent stain fighting properties, such as polyester and triexta. Others may be coated with a stain treatment that protects the surface, and still other collections may have the treatment built into their fibers so that it doesn’t wear off over time. These treatments help repel moisture, spills, and soiling, making them easier to clean. They also prevent odors to give your home a fresh feel. With some of our collections, such as Innovia Touch Xtremeclean, spills can be cleaned up with just water.


Carpet Installation


There’s a lot to love about carpeting. It is relatively fast to install, and once in place, your space will instantly be transformed. Your new carpet also serves as a stylish insulator, keeping you warm in the wintertime and cool and comfortable in the summertime. This will, in turn, result in lower utility costs, all while adding texture and style to your favorite indoor spaces. We offer commercial and residential carpets, and we also have custom area rugs that will beautifully complete the look of your interiors. You can view our photo gallery of past carpet installations for both commercial and residential spaces below!

Carpet Installations


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Carpet Gallery 5




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Our Carpet Selection


Biviano Carpet One Floor & Home carries all your favorite carpeting and rug brands, including some exciting Carpet One exclusives that aren’t found anywhere else. Our friendly team of flooring specialists has decades of combined experience in the industry and we do our best to deliver exceptional results. Whether you’re remodeling, starting fresh, or working on a business update, we are here to help!



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Carpet Care


Let our carpet experts help you learn how to maintain your new carpet. Visit our Flooring Guide.



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We at Biviano Carpet One Floor & Home are proud to be your local experts. Check out our testimonials below to see how we've helped customers choose the best carpet floors for their homes.

"My interaction with Bivianos was very helpful and the quality and install was excellent and I am very pleased and happy with it all. Joe was such a nice man to work with. I would recommend highly considering them when you have a need for carpet or flooring." - Janie Maitland Conrad

"We had been looking to replace our living room carpet for some time. We took home several samples and finally made a decision. The entire staff were very nice and professional, and the installers did a wonderful job. Can’t even tell that there is a seem. Even took soon of the leftover carpet and made some runners for me, complete with binding." - Mark & Erica Richmond

"Very happy with the carpets and the workers who installed it. They never left a scratch on the baseboards which is hard not to do. Joe Popovich, our salesman, was wonderful and absolutely no pressure made us feel totally at ease at all times." - Jim & Barb Ryhal

"I just had new carpeting and vinyl flooring put in 90% of my home.  Love the finished look. Very pleased with installers!" - Cynthia LePosa Johnson 

"My floors now look incredible - thank you Biviano Carpet One! My experience with my carpet and flooring install was exceptional from start to finish. Very pleased." - Debra S.

To see what other customers say about us, check out our Testimonials page.