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grey tile backsplash geometric shape tile, moroccan tile in kitchen with white ceramic apron sink and blue cabinets

Backsplash Tile in Girard, OH

A unique backsplash tile is an easy and affordable way to add decorative detail and functionality to your space. At Biviano Carpet One Floor & Home in Girard, OH, we can help you with all your custom tiling needs. Whether you want a gorgeous stone tile backsplash in the kitchen or a patterned tile backsplash for your bathroom, we have you covered. Our Girard, Ohio Kiba showroom carries a full selection of backsplash materials, and we offer professional installation services. Whatever your style is, we can help you accomplish your design vision and beautifully enhance your home. Here are some of the benefits of tile backsplash for your home.


The Benefits of Backsplash Tile

Backsplash tiling offers more than just aesthetics in your kitchen and bathroom. Both residential and commercial spaces have utilized tile for centuries, and for good reason:


Tile Protects Your Walls

It helps protect walls in high-moisture areas from steam, splashes, and stains. You also won’t need to worry about appliances like coffee machines and blenders denting your walls or leaving marks.


Tile Lasts a Lifetime

Tile is easy to clean, water-repellent, and durable. Plus, a properly installed backsplash can last for decades because tile is simple to clean and care for.


Tile Adds Style

Of course, tile adds a unique flair to just about any area, and your kitchen and bathroom are no different. From glazed looks to mosaics, tile backsplashes offer everything from timeless looks to colorful and trending patterns.


Get Inspired: Timeless & Trending Backsplash Ideas

Our experts stay up to date on the latest trends and we can provide inspiration and insight on tile colors, textures, patterns, and more. From rustic brick red to serene, glazed blue, we have a tile style that is sure to inspire your inner designer. Get more inspiration from these timeless and trending tile backsplash ideas:


Trending Styles of Tile

Timeless Styles of Tile


Shop for Backsplash Tile and More at Biviano Carpet One

At Biviano Carpet One, we are dedicated to making your home remodeling dreams a reality. Your journey to a stylish and well-designed home begins here! We take pride in the quality of our home improvement products we offer, from laminate, hardwood flooring, and luxury vinyl, to window treatments and blinds. Unlike other big box flooring stores, our flooring is backed by competitive warranties and our Beautiful Guarantee. Discover the endless possibilities for your next remodel, starting in our Kiba studio, and let our team create a space that is both beautiful and functional. Visit our showroom at 1828 North State Street, Girard, OH 44420, or contact us at 330-306-9706 now to get started.


FAQs About Tile Backsplashes

Q: What types of tiles are suitable for a backsplash?

A: Ceramic, porcelain, glass, and natural stone tiles are all popular choices for backsplashes, ranging in durability, ease of maintenance, and color selection.


Q: How do I choose the right tile for my backsplash?

A: Consider the style of your kitchen or bathroom, the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, as well as practical factors such as ease of cleaning and maintenance when selecting tile for your backsplash. Visit our showroom for more guidance on your tile backsplash!


Q: What size tile is best for a backsplash?

A: The size of the tile depends on personal preference and the scale of your space. While smaller tiles like subway tiles are traditional choices, larger format tiles can create a more modern and streamlined look.


Q: How high should a tile backsplash go?

A: Typically, a backsplash extends from the countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinets or up to the ceiling for a dramatic effect. However, the height can vary based on personal preference and design considerations.


Q: How do I maintain and clean a tile backsplash?

A: Regular maintenance involves wiping down the backsplash with a mild detergent and water solution to remove grease and grime. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes that could damage the tile surface.


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