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Tile Flooring Store in Girard, OH

Traditionally, tile has been installed in kitchens and bathrooms because of its durability and moisture resistance. Tiles have many benefits, such as being easy to care for and versatility. Tile is stylish, which is why it continues to be a popular choice among homeowners. Our showroom features a collection of different tile styles, types, patterns, and more. You can turn to our flooring professionals as your local tile experts. At Biviano Carpet One Floor & Home in Girard, OH, our exclusive tile brands are backed by our award-winning warranties, and we offer free in-home estimates. Tiles are available and can be installed as individual pieces, so you can get creative and mix and match styles to create your unique design. Our flooring professionals are waiting for you to stop by and check out our tile collection and help make your dream space a reality!


Types of Tile


We have three main tile options to choose from, including ceramic, porcelain, and stone, as well as innovative wood-look tile. Learn more about each type:


  • Ceramic tile is made of clays that are fired extra hot. This glazed tile is easy to clean, durable, and can mimic natural wood and stone. Consider a textured ceramic tile if you have pets or kids. There are endless patterns and finishes to consider.


  • Porcelain tile is a denser variety of ceramic. Because of its enduring strength, porcelain is famous in commercial settings and bathrooms. It resists significant moisture and comes in endless styles. Choose porcelain tile that mimics hardwood or washed cement; trendy patterns are available.


  • Stone tile is made from organic minerals like granite and marble. It’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and outdoor paces. No two stones are alike, so choosing stone tile means your new installation will be distinctively yours. Stone tile adds value to your home and will last for generations.


  • Wood-look tile is made from porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like hardwood. It comes in planks and is textured to look like natural wood. It is stronger and more durable than genuine hardwood. It is resistant to scratching, dents, and stains. It can be installed in any room in your home and in moisture-prone areas.


Kitchen & Bathroom Tile


You spend your morning and nights in your kitchen and bathroom, so why not design those spaces to reflect your personality and style? Kitchens and bathrooms hold a lot of value in your home, so it is important to update those spaces to reflect your style and stay on-trend. Tiles come in various shapes, styles, colors, and more. Better yet, tiles are not just for flooring. We have tiles for other flooring projects as well! Tile is resistant to moisture, heat, staining, and scratching, making it the perfect floor for those tricky areas of your home. Two of the most common types of tile are ceramic and porcelain. Both can stand up to heavily trafficked areas of your home. We also offer tile options for custom tiled showers with zero-entry, tub surrounds, and mosaic tiles.


Tile Backsplashes


As we previously mentioned, tile is not limited to just flooring. Our selection of kitchen and bathroom tiles can be used for various projects, including backsplashes. Backsplash tile is one of the most common and easiest ways to update your walls. Backsplashes are not only stylish but also functional as they act as a barrier between any accidental splashes and your wall. We specialize in creating gorgeous custom tile work personalized to your taste. We have hundreds of looks we can create, from a gorgeous rustic backsplash for a cozy farm-style kitchen or mudroom to a serene blue tile backsplash that’s coastal and fresh. Our flooring experts stay current on the latest trends and can provide inspiration and insight on tile colors, textures, patterns, and more.


Benefits of Tile


There are many advantages to choosing tile. Tiles are beautiful and durable, giving you the best of both worlds.




Learn more about tile’s many benefits:


  • Tile is highly resilient regarding staining and everyday wear and tear, making it perfect for placement in high-traffic areas.


  • Tile doesn't need much for upkeep because of its durability, making it easily maintained.


  • Tile is very cost-effective and can fit into nearly any budget!


  • Tile is water-resistant, which is why it is so popular in moisture-prone rooms.


  • Tile flooring can help improve the air quality in your home since they do not hold onto allergens as other flooring types can.


  • Tile is long-lasting and can last for decades, even the entire life of your home if cared for properly.


  • Installing tiles can also help improve the value of your home.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Tile is well-equipped to manage moisture and humidity: most are 100% waterproof. All tiles are easy to take care of and can be installed vertically and horizontally. Tile can be installed anywhere in your home, depending on your tile type. Ceramic and porcelain are especially popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms because of their resistance to moisture and heat. Tile is also great for bedrooms, basements, dining rooms, mudrooms, and hallways. Porcelain and stone tile can be installed outside as a patio or walkway. Some tiles can even be used on your hearth or fireplace!


Our Tile Selection


Not only do we carry name-brand tiles and Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brands like Bel Terra. Our exclusives are backed by quality and award-winning warranties. As a Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative member, we deliver our customers quality flooring daily. Visit our showroom located in Girard, OH, to see our entire collection of tiles, or start browsing our tile inventory online now to get started.





Learn More About Tile




Caring For Your Tile


Tile needs minimal care to stay looking beautiful. Repairing or replacing your tile is typically straightforward as well.